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Change Log

   Featurerequest FDT-2883 UNRESOLVED Have different locations for descriptor files and .SWFs Blocker Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2751 UNRESOLVED A Way To Customize Arguements Sent To ADL Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2035 UNRESOLVED Add autocompletion for overriding methods Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-1253 UNRESOLVED Debugger should have a "Inheritance" group in every complex type, where the variables of the super classes are in Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2824 UNRESOLVED Eclipse Juno Support Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1831 UNRESOLVED Extract Interface Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-2705 UNRESOLVED Make It Easier To Publish An AIR Application Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-3138 UNRESOLVED Search View cannot be used anymore after file was deleted Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2851 UNRESOLVED iOS Debugging Support Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2014 UNRESOLVED Ability to Customize and save problems preferences for less strict mode Critical Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2031 UNRESOLVED Allow to generate getters and setters from any place in the private field declaration line. Critical Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1085 UNRESOLVED Autocomplete Critical Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2079 UNRESOLVED CLONE -Autocomplete Critical Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2765 UNRESOLVED Expand 'fdt.invoke.launchConfiguration' To Give More Flexibility Critical Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2248 UNRESOLVED Goto Implementation Declaration Critical Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2226 UNRESOLVED Provide Option To Show Templates On Top Or Bottom With Autocompletion Critical Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2348 UNRESOLVED Refactoring classes, variables & functions in Haxe Critical Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1866 UNRESOLVED SWC Library - GUI for selecting classes to include Critical Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-841 UNRESOLVED Support for multiple stand alone Flash Players Critical Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1060 UNRESOLVED Wizard for creating a skin class Critical Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-3512 UNRESOLVED Quick fix for different parameter default values Major Open
   Bug FDT-998 UNRESOLVED "//" in inlinexml breaks syntax highlighting Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3376 UNRESOLVED "Duplicate Method" error marker is shown sometimes during typing Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2752 UNRESOLVED A Way To Customize Arguements Sent To ADT Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2933 UNRESOLVED ADT Option To List Attached Mobile Devices Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2938 UNRESOLVED ADT option to resolve ANE symbol conflicts on iOS Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3415 UNRESOLVED AIR Android Debugging with Android AIR Shared Runtime Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3246 UNRESOLVED AIR Deploy fails quietly Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3003 UNRESOLVED ASC 2.0 sometimes creates not launchable SWF Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1127 UNRESOLVED Ability do ignore error checking in specified source folders Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2811 UNRESOLVED Add "Export Application" As An ANT Task Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-181 UNRESOLVED Add "Wrap in try-catch block" quick-fix for selected code Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2532 UNRESOLVED Add 'typed' assist earlier (when creaing new instance) Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3121 UNRESOLVED Add 'versionLabel' and 'supportedLanguages' to FDT AIR Properties: iOS, Andoird and Desktop Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2935 UNRESOLVED Add ANT Hooks To SWFBridge Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2837 UNRESOLVED Add Ability To Prevent An Application From Launching After Compiling Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1149 UNRESOLVED Add More Formatter Options Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2616 UNRESOLVED Add Option To Prevent App Uninstall Before Launching (AIR for Android) Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1051 UNRESOLVED Add an option to find variables more easely when debugging Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-740 UNRESOLVED Add autocompletion / content assist to Create a new Class dialog Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3106 UNRESOLVED Add command line arguments to AIR debug launch configuration Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3356 UNRESOLVED Add missing error 'interface method loggerSourceType in interface ILogger is implemented with an incompatible signature in class....' Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-877 UNRESOLVED Add option to add a whitespace behind if (and other keywords like switch...) before opening brackets. Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1572 UNRESOLVED Add warnings for potential misuse of = vs == Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2997 UNRESOLVED Air Descriptor Properties: Handle supported platforms in property view Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3290 UNRESOLVED Air Properties Icon Tab: Allow path update of multiple icons with one file dialog access Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2838 UNRESOLVED Allow For Custom JVM Arguments For External SWF Viewer Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3219 UNRESOLVED Allow Quick Open Type Shortcut in FDT Explorer Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3303 UNRESOLVED Allow source archives as source attachment for SWCs Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3430 UNRESOLVED Always Pimary AIR Property Profile is selected after clicking on Problem Marker Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3375 UNRESOLVED Android x86 support Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3368 UNRESOLVED Assign all parameters to new fields Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3218 UNRESOLVED Auto completion in AS3 New Wizards Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3325 UNRESOLVED Auto restart Haxe compiler server on connection loss Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3339 UNRESOLVED Autocompletion improvement "as" Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2817 UNRESOLVED CLONE -Trying to generate air file for desktop distribution, getting build fail error: Could not generate timestamp: handshake alert: unrecognized_name Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3226 UNRESOLVED Cannot generate SWC library from Flash Font File Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3159 UNRESOLVED Cast Quick Fix eats namespaces Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3425 UNRESOLVED Certificate Creation fails with Apache Flex SDK Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3477 UNRESOLVED Certificate Dialog should show error message on creation failure Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-891 UNRESOLVED Class filter for variables view in FDT debugger Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1020 UNRESOLVED Clear up Embed Resolving Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3255 UNRESOLVED Console links ignore line number Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1676 UNRESOLVED Content Assist fails when using reserved keywords (like var, if, etc) Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3475 UNRESOLVED Creatificate Dialog should show error message after failing Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1119 UNRESOLVED Creating new Class brows for super class should be automatic Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3468 UNRESOLVED Custom Air Property Profiles not saved Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3083 UNRESOLVED Custom Flex Unit Test Runner Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3248 UNRESOLVED Debugger does not stop at breakpoints in SWCs source attachment Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3247 UNRESOLVED Debugging Source Lookup fails for SWCs with source attachment Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2994 UNRESOLVED Direct support for ActionScript Compiler 2.0 Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3470 UNRESOLVED Do not display unneeded items in code hint between method members Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3426 UNRESOLVED Do not show Air Export for Profiles without Preparation Launcher Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3500 UNRESOLVED Eating mode for Content Assist Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2966 UNRESOLVED Enable option to use AllowScriptAccess=always inside the SWFBridge View Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3230 UNRESOLVED Error for Namespace conflicting with Compiler Constant Namespace Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3277 UNRESOLVED Error marker for duplicate object initialiser field Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3416 UNRESOLVED Event auto completion for interfaces Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3284 UNRESOLVED Exception fault: TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.display::MovieClip@4b56671 to fl.controls.ProgressBar Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3165 UNRESOLVED External SWF Viewer Ant Launcher fails with NullPointerException Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3122 UNRESOLVED Extract Constant for all occurences in type Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2942 UNRESOLVED FAT SWC: No Getter or Setter Docs Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1673 UNRESOLVED FDT 4.1 shows errors on nested switch-case statements Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3390 UNRESOLVED FDT Ant Task Auto completion and description Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3365 UNRESOLVED FDT launches SWF even if ASC2 compiler reports errors Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2961 UNRESOLVED Filter Internal Classes In MXML Wizard Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2661 UNRESOLVED Flash Breakpoints Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-989 UNRESOLVED Flex / MXML - Add handling for standart properties Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3084 UNRESOLVED Flex Unit Launcher for AIR Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3228 UNRESOLVED Font Library Creator cannot be used with Apache Flex SDKs Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3328 UNRESOLVED Font Library Editor: Project folder not selectable as output folder Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2022 UNRESOLVED Formatter option to display method arguments (1 by line, all aligned to the left of the first argument) Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2580 UNRESOLVED GUI For Compiler Options Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2836 UNRESOLVED Have All AIR Platforms Available In One Project Type & New Project Type 'AIR All' Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2937 UNRESOLVED IOS Platform SDK in Export Proeprty Tab Browse Button selects XCode Platform Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1722 UNRESOLVED Imporvement of package browser in dialog of creating of new class Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3015 UNRESOLVED Incorrect error: You cannot assign 'Object' to 'Boolean' Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2861 UNRESOLVED Incremental build not working Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3343 UNRESOLVED Invoke launchers/exports in FDT from command line and exit FDT with result Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3317 UNRESOLVED Kepler based FDT standalone versions Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3454 UNRESOLVED Launch configuration option to force always a full fresh compilation Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1211 UNRESOLVED Make Event meta data autocomplete. Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3197 UNRESOLVED Make Release Notes Easier to View Wen Updating & Using FDT. Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2941 UNRESOLVED Make Updates Less Intrusive Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1273 UNRESOLVED Maven/Flex Mojos support Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3152 UNRESOLVED Method dispatchEvent of [Bindable] class has wrong argument type Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1327 UNRESOLVED Missing AutoComplete in NewClassWizard for SuperClass Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3399 UNRESOLVED More detailed control about ADB kill request of FDT Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3377 UNRESOLVED New Project custom location is not selectable Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3225 UNRESOLVED New Wizards Browse Dialogs Search does not handle "*" Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-768 UNRESOLVED New class or interface auto template Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3488 UNRESOLVED New option to select IOS Packaging Engine (improved or legacy) for AIR IOS deployment Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3018 UNRESOLVED Open Type Camel Case type selection Improvement Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3494 UNRESOLVED Open in variables view Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2936 UNRESOLVED Option To Reset Compiler With "Don't Ask Again' Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3288 UNRESOLVED Override/Implement Method Refactoring at cursor Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3374 UNRESOLVED Pin AsDoc View to current content Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3312 UNRESOLVED Possibility to rename Property Profiles Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3382 UNRESOLVED Preference switches for refactoring to allow or deny updates of launchers, project properties, and AIR project properties Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3107 UNRESOLVED Preferences FDT Mobile Simulator Resolutions does not correctly update xml file Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3496 UNRESOLVED Project AIR Properties for iOS: Switches for Required Device Capabilities Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3499 UNRESOLVED Project AIR Properties for iOS: get-task-allow setting to support TestFlight Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3451 UNRESOLVED Property Delegation Methods Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2843 UNRESOLVED Provide Intuitive Way To Prevent Flex SDK From Being Compiled Into A SWC Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2853 UNRESOLVED Provide Option To Change The Port For The Profiler Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3215 UNRESOLVED Public members uses color of internal members Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3502 UNRESOLVED Quick Explore for element at editor selection Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3157 UNRESOLVED Quick Fix for Create Function doesn't display in MXML file Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3217 UNRESOLVED Quick Fix for Surround With Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3323 UNRESOLVED Quick assist to change modifiers of top level functions, vars, namespaces, classes and class members Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3136 UNRESOLVED Quick fix to change function signature to match current arguments Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-3135 UNRESOLVED Quick fix to change parameter type to argument type Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1488 UNRESOLVED Quickfix for constructor with parameters Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1235 UNRESOLVED Refactoring should also update the param names on the ASDoc Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3370 UNRESOLVED Renaming source folder or normal folder does not update AIR Properties Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2960 UNRESOLVED Replace Version Number With Date Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3336 UNRESOLVED Restart of ADL debug session does not kill previous ADL process correctly Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2884 UNRESOLVED SWF output is bound to application descriptor xml location Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2857 UNRESOLVED Show Type in Content Assist for properties Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3119 UNRESOLVED Show warning comparison operators without effect Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3460 UNRESOLVED Show warning for breakpoints, stack frames, and instruction pointers out of sync Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3434 UNRESOLVED Smarter trace code template on String Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3443 UNRESOLVED Speed up iIncremental build and full build Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2891 UNRESOLVED Support for IOS Direct Deployment in new AIR 3.4 Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3239 UNRESOLVED Switchable filters for Debug Variable View Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2940 UNRESOLVED USB (Wifi Too) Debugging for AIR iOS Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1428 UNRESOLVED Unit Testing Integration Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-3287 UNRESOLVED Update Air Properties in case of move/rename refactoring Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2520 UNRESOLVED Update Error Message When Watched Expressions Can't be Accessed. Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-938 UNRESOLVED When you change the name of the output swf, Open Uri after compilation does't update itself Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-910 UNRESOLVED XFL file format support Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3079 UNRESOLVED XMLList cannot be comparred to String Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2784 UNRESOLVED allow merge air sdk also with folder (prerelease sdk's are not in a working zip file) Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1752 UNRESOLVED assign [] to typed vector doesn't show error. Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1665 UNRESOLVED building an eclipse plugin to synchronize flexmojos pom.xml dependencies and FDT classpath Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3224 UNRESOLVED flat package layout corrupts FDT internal model of swc Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2939 UNRESOLVED iOS Simulator Support Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-945 UNRESOLVED "Insert Line Below Current Line" shortcut also adds a ";" if expected Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2003 UNRESOLVED AIR and ANT launch configs not saved with project Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1524 UNRESOLVED ActionScript refactorings should update links, names, etc. in AsDoc comments (just like Java refactorings do for Javadoc comments). Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-3125 UNRESOLVED ActionScritp Interactive Window Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2742 UNRESOLVED Add "Download latest" Haxe SDK Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-822 UNRESOLVED Add Item "Create Function" to Quick Assist Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-893 UNRESOLVED Add Quick Fix Hooks Into Snippets Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2771 UNRESOLVED Add Support For Custom Edits To .HXML File Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1398 UNRESOLVED Add matches for interface and inherited classes to search result for symbol Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2027 UNRESOLVED Add new line between Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2536 UNRESOLVED Add option to export profiling data Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2195 UNRESOLVED Add shourtcut to manage templates Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1226 UNRESOLVED Add support for TLF on auto complete code in MXML syntax Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1596 UNRESOLVED Add the possibility to group projects into (virtual?) folders Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-177 UNRESOLVED Add the start-tab to FDT Flash IDE run tasks, as with FDT AS3 Applications Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1840 UNRESOLVED Add variable to check if the application has been debuged or not Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1661 UNRESOLVED Always launch previous application preference Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2865 UNRESOLVED Apache Flex Installer / Easy Integration Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1062 UNRESOLVED Auto-completion and binding for remote methods Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1057 UNRESOLVED Auto-completion in transition should (only) show states Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2041 UNRESOLVED Autocomplete after return Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2080 UNRESOLVED Autocomplete from a partial match Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-931 UNRESOLVED Autocompletion of XMLNS Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1015 UNRESOLVED Automatic generation of semicolon option Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1005 UNRESOLVED Breaks when value changes. Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1696 UNRESOLVED Change the order fields vs methods in autocompletion Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-826 UNRESOLVED Click/Double click an item in the Allocation Trace panel of Profiler should open the code file and mark the code line Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1178 UNRESOLVED Code Convention Refactoring Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-552 UNRESOLVED Create ASDoc comments when generating methods Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-549 UNRESOLVED Create Class Quickfix should add constructor arguments and imports Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1322 UNRESOLVED Create MXML Default Group NOT Application Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-906 UNRESOLVED Create Templates from Editor Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2007 UNRESOLVED Ctrl + Click on skinClass in MXML takes you to the skin class. Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1916 UNRESOLVED DIalog for choosing file or system-font in embed tags Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1504 UNRESOLVED Debugger view not inheritance attributes Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1918 UNRESOLVED Dialog for constructing [Event] meta-tag Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-3508 UNRESOLVED Documentation attachment for SDK SWCs without sources Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1660 UNRESOLVED Enable working in linked libraries by Default Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2982 UNRESOLVED Expand / Parse SWF Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1616 UNRESOLVED FDT should give a warning when a member function does not refer to the object of which it is a member. This is a very common programming error and a hindrance to clear coding. Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-958 UNRESOLVED Find a method or property with a piece of the name, not just the firts letter Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2350 UNRESOLVED Formatting for Haxe Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-203 UNRESOLVED Full Flash CS4 integration, including a Flash CS4 core library option, and the ability to use run configurations that compile via Flash CS4. Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2461 UNRESOLVED GUI For haXelib Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1947 UNRESOLVED Ignore .scn folder with project templates Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2952 UNRESOLVED Improve ASDocs UI Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2882 UNRESOLVED Improve Debugger Performance Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-900 UNRESOLVED Improve Profiler Memory Consumption. (was The profiler consumes a lot of memory if you run memory profiling with collecting stackdata) Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-901 UNRESOLVED In Profile LiveObjects View the selected line is not keept and removed on each view update Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2787 UNRESOLVED Inline opening of resources from haxe source Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2159 UNRESOLVED Javadoc should show documentation for "current" selection Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2951 UNRESOLVED Live / Interactive Coding Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1128 UNRESOLVED Live filtering of debugger variables Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1631 UNRESOLVED MXML Formatter add wrap line width to Once per line Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1328 UNRESOLVED MXML Not Only In Script Tag Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1632 UNRESOLVED MXML auto complete should allow you to choose components in other namespaces Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2690 UNRESOLVED Make It Easier To Change SDK and / or Change Project Types Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1888 UNRESOLVED Meta_Ticket: Advanced Refactoring: A collection of ideas Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1200 UNRESOLVED Metadata indentation formatting Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-903 UNRESOLVED Method param customization - ($event:Event) Major Confirmed
   Bug FDT-1494 UNRESOLVED Missing error: 'Parameter initializer unknown or is not a compile-time constant.' Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1379 UNRESOLVED Need the ability to quickly launch indvidual tests, or a folder of tests Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1099 UNRESOLVED No native Flex Module support. Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1301 UNRESOLVED Object Formatting in AS and MXML Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1517 UNRESOLVED One more tab stop for quick fixed methods Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1869 UNRESOLVED Please add a way to use livedocs-Help: By opening a browser with a link to livedocs search result of the marked word Major Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2967 UNRESOLVED Profiler Consumes Much Memory And Crashes Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1420 UNRESOLVED Project templates and project types location Major Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2846 UNRESOLVED Refactoring On A Method Defined In Interface Causes Issues Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1336 UNRESOLVED Reset compiler when unicode range of embeded font changes Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1760 UNRESOLVED Select working sets in New Project wizard Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2976 UNRESOLVED Show SWC Assets Listed In FDT Explorer Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-3428 UNRESOLVED Show links in Console for files in brackets like in a stacktrace Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-414 UNRESOLVED Sorting of class methods Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-561 UNRESOLVED Support for mxml-manifest.xml Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1544 UNRESOLVED Syntax check frequency Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-351 UNRESOLVED Template Editor improvements Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-979 UNRESOLVED Templates improvement Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1720 UNRESOLVED Unicode Characters for easier at a glance code Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1167 UNRESOLVED Use the FlashPlayer from the SDK to run/debug code (no seperate preference required) Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1527 UNRESOLVED Watch List Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1152 UNRESOLVED asdoc validation for xml errors Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2018 UNRESOLVED change false/true by quick fix Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2019 UNRESOLVED change private/public/etc by quick assist Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1833 UNRESOLVED close Curly braces in mxml Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1219 UNRESOLVED flash remoting Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1510 UNRESOLVED flex theme browser Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1546 UNRESOLVED formatting from arguments/functions chains Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1227 UNRESOLVED graphical states navigation on mxml projects Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1493 UNRESOLVED missing live error in mxml Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1380 UNRESOLVED mm.cfg Options Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1534 UNRESOLVED new builder chain Major Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2963 UNRESOLVED problem with referenced projects Major Confirmed
   Bug FDT-3100 UNRESOLVED FDT stucks during building the workspace for large projects Major Waiting for User Feedback
   Improvement FDT-3059 UNRESOLVED "Don't ask again" for Dialog "Refactoring need all files saved." Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2927 UNRESOLVED "Extract to local variable" should have a lower priority. Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2893 UNRESOLVED A Way To Adjust FDT"s Parser Upon Project Import Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2359 UNRESOLVED A way to integrate a particular launcher's compiler options (e.g. compilation constants) into FDT's editor Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2832 UNRESOLVED AC Error When Invoked On Undeclared Var Within ' ...args' Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2615 UNRESOLVED ANT Tasks For The AIR Launchers Created In FDT 5 & 5.5 Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2192 UNRESOLVED Add 'Create Local Constant' to Quick Fix & Quick Assit (As a refactoring) Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2925 UNRESOLVED Add 'Visible' Option & Warning To Description.xml Handler Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2950 UNRESOLVED Add Interactive Links To The Console Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2919 UNRESOLVED Add Option To Prevent Pop up Reminder For Cleaning MXMLC Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2974 UNRESOLVED Add UI Elements To Show Top Level Getter & Setters Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2312 UNRESOLVED Add autocomplete for 'specific complier arguments' in Debug configurations Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1853 UNRESOLVED Add code template for embedding font with embedAsCFF parameter Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2332 UNRESOLVED Add new error/warning for getters/setter type mispatch Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2320 UNRESOLVED Add quickFix for variable type Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2568 UNRESOLVED Add quickfix for changing field type Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2533 UNRESOLVED Add vector type checking Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2323 UNRESOLVED Add warning at if condition line Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-3093 UNRESOLVED Allow to expand debugger by clicking on the object/property in code Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-1269 UNRESOLVED Annonymous Objects don't have Object methods Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2822 UNRESOLVED Ant Task for Export (Publish) Application Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2918 UNRESOLVED Any Attribute Using A Class Path Argument Has Autocomplete Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2830 UNRESOLVED Assignment inside expression without paranthesis are accepted but does not compile Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2911 UNRESOLVED Auto generated App Descriptor id should not contain invalid characters Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-3045 UNRESOLVED Autocompletion for Embed-tag Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2300 UNRESOLVED Autocompletion missing in superclass field Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-3453 UNRESOLVED Bad usability of update screen Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2965 UNRESOLVED Can't save changes to Formatter preferences Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2269 UNRESOLVED Can't see local variable in anonymous function Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-457 UNRESOLVED Changes in the color of the semantic highlighting are not taken over Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2956 UNRESOLVED Completion sometimes fails when method name starts with the "new" keyword Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1956 UNRESOLVED Dead code that can never be reached should be marked as error. Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-1989 UNRESOLVED Debugging with breakpoints has long pauses Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-920 UNRESOLVED Disable formatter for specific regions Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-560 UNRESOLVED Do not show warning "Parameter is never used" if method is implemented from an interface or is overriden Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2831 UNRESOLVED Editor Tabs Not Properly Updated Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-309 UNRESOLVED Error Marker for Missing Ebed Source Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2954 UNRESOLVED Error Markers Are Not updated (Removed) When Project Properties' Errors Are Resolved Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1815 UNRESOLVED Event Metadata support for Interfaces Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-412 UNRESOLVED Extract Interface Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2921 UNRESOLVED Extract to method shortcut does not work if first line is comment Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-3021 UNRESOLVED FDT launches with a default Juno splash Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-844 UNRESOLVED FDT search results are folded by default except first hit Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2916 UNRESOLVED Filter Internal Classes Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-640 UNRESOLVED Filters for the debugger variables view Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-801 UNRESOLVED Formatter - Improve formatting of object literals Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2892 UNRESOLVED Formatter Bug Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-814 UNRESOLVED Formatter: Formatter does not indent method literals (ie: Class Initializers) Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2364 UNRESOLVED Generate name for event handler if name for function is missing Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2801 UNRESOLVED Have Add Semicolon Quick Fix Be In FDT Free Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2687 UNRESOLVED I want to convert the class name in a variable name. Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2913 UNRESOLVED Incorrect Error: ArrayElementType 'Could not resolve type reference to...' Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2917 UNRESOLVED Incremental Build Sometimes Fails On MXML Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-947 UNRESOLVED Internal Classes not in scope should be excluded from Content Assist menu Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2958 UNRESOLVED Invalid Update Site Included In List Of Updates Sites Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2068 UNRESOLVED Live constructor validation against a method Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1998 UNRESOLVED Long-line wrapping support Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2953 UNRESOLVED Make ASDoc Links Clickable Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-712 UNRESOLVED Missing formatter options for wrap Braces and White space Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2885 UNRESOLVED Multiple debugger instances Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-467 UNRESOLVED No Error if the null is passed to a int typed argument Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2386 UNRESOLVED No SVN URLs Available Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-440 UNRESOLVED No duplicate modifier error for public and namesapce in declaration Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-460 UNRESOLVED No error shown for list statements with labels. Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1197 UNRESOLVED Path to HelpPanel (Flash help) Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2773 UNRESOLVED Provide More Feedback When Packaging An .IPA Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-572 UNRESOLVED Quick assist should offer setter/getter at missing variable Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2928 UNRESOLVED QuickFix addEventListener from a static method creates a non-static listener. Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-610 UNRESOLVED QuickFix for creating (event) meta data tag Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-429 UNRESOLVED QuickFix for creating a new function for a parameter of type "Function" Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-1891 UNRESOLVED QuickFix for skin class not detecting full qualified name Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2142 UNRESOLVED Refactoring : Modify parameter list Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2920 UNRESOLVED Refactoring Attributes Which Use A Class Path Argument Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2934 UNRESOLVED Register Menu Items In Context Menu Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1785 UNRESOLVED Relative paths (any option to add) for ADL_ARGUMENTS Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2194 UNRESOLVED Save generated font id inside Font Library file Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-566 UNRESOLVED Search and/or sort mechanism within auto-completion popup Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-302 UNRESOLVED Show Interface/Super-Class method references in "Find References" Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2962 UNRESOLVED Show Namespace URL In Autocompletion Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-3260 UNRESOLVED Show error for missing return statement for all control flows Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-125 UNRESOLVED Show implicit getter/setter methods in QuickOutline view when typing get/set Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1702 UNRESOLVED Show value of constants in tooltip, ASDocs & Autocomplete Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1999 UNRESOLVED Smart inline navigation Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2264 UNRESOLVED Smarter object type discovering for the auto-complete Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-602 UNRESOLVED Special autocompletion in "dispatchEvent" Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-447 UNRESOLVED Top Level Elements in Flash Explorer Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-466 UNRESOLVED Type Error missing in binary operations Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2290 UNRESOLVED Update relative paths for embedded items upon refactoring class Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2747 UNRESOLVED Use general editor background color for 'Colors' preview window. Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-444 UNRESOLVED Warn user by rename refactoring if a Class (Method etc.) in SWC should be renamed Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-609 UNRESOLVED Warnings for missing metadata tags Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2633 UNRESOLVED When Debugging: Display Variable Value on Mouse Over Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2137 UNRESOLVED When I cmd-R on a method that implements interface, I'd like secondary search results to show me references to interface method. Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1573 UNRESOLVED Would be nice to have code-folding for MXML blocks Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1907 UNRESOLVED Wrap and Unwrap Code Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1502 UNRESOLVED add compiler option '-include-libraries' Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2995 UNRESOLVED camelCase-aware delete Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-111 UNRESOLVED for each doesn't autocomplete correctly Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2969 UNRESOLVED iOS6 GPS fix for app descriptor Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1530 UNRESOLVED mxml comment Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-1107 UNRESOLVED wrong number of arguments error Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1867 UNRESOLVED "Intelligent" Organize Imports option for duplicate class names Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1913 UNRESOLVED @SuppressWarnings : Add ability to ignore a specific warning Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1885 UNRESOLVED A way to adjust FDT's parser Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2528 UNRESOLVED ASDoc For Native Classes Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2640 UNRESOLVED ASDoc Improvements: Allow code hinting, formatting & refactoring for code sample Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1670 UNRESOLVED ASDoc style comments Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1845 UNRESOLVED Abbreviate Package Names Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1744 UNRESOLVED Ability to specify Launch Player per config. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1804 UNRESOLVED Ability to turn off parameter autocompletion Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1757 UNRESOLVED Ability to undo deleting files Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2385 UNRESOLVED Add "organize Imports" Checkbox to template definitions Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2333 UNRESOLVED Add 'Enable project specific settings' for Code templates Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1884 UNRESOLVED Add 'override' keyword when FDT detects that a method should be listed as 'override'. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1981 UNRESOLVED Add A Specific Tab For Project References In Properties View Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2530 UNRESOLVED Add Ability To Package ANEs Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2297 UNRESOLVED Add Filter For Variables View WIthin Debug Perspective Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2860 UNRESOLVED Add Parser Option To Ignore Accessing Members Of Dynamic Objects Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2662 UNRESOLVED Add Step For Setup Wizard: Flash Player debugger installed (only if not detected) Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2294 UNRESOLVED Add a shortcut/function to copy FQCN in clipboard Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-462 UNRESOLVED Add a warning if a package is renamed as "const" Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1681 UNRESOLVED Add argument to constructor upon class creation via Quick Fix Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1186 UNRESOLVED Add autocomplete for custom MXML components including namespace Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2391 UNRESOLVED Add haXe Entry to Help and have Both Existing FDT help and new haXe help entries point to wiki. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-128 UNRESOLVED Add imports when pasting code Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1296 UNRESOLVED Add launcher to launcher chain without creating launcher before manually Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1467 UNRESOLVED Add selection loop for Quick-*** lists Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2603 UNRESOLVED Add wizard when using convert local variable to field Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2318 UNRESOLVED Add word wrap formating for method params Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2791 UNRESOLVED Adding comments when creating a class via the wizard Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1566 UNRESOLVED Additional "Blank Line" Options Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2252 UNRESOLVED Advanced ASDoc Features Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2712 UNRESOLVED Allow For Easier Library Project Type Workflow Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2512 UNRESOLVED Allow For The Creation of non parsed 'Actionscript Files' Within A Source Path Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1718 UNRESOLVED Allow a custom amount of white space of after type separator. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1182 UNRESOLVED Allowing positioning of auto generated code Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1781 UNRESOLVED Anchored locations for code assistant Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1342 UNRESOLVED Asset Library Manager Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-118 UNRESOLVED Auto Completion of Interface getter and setter methods Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2778 UNRESOLVED Auto Format for haxe source code. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2265 UNRESOLVED Auto Insert doesn't seem to work. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-583 UNRESOLVED Auto completion in @see asdoc comment does not generate fully qualified class names. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1056 UNRESOLVED Auto-completion for states defined in component Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2382 UNRESOLVED Automatic offering of SDK's in the SDK section Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2131 UNRESOLVED Automatic stub function creation Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1247 UNRESOLVED Better editor support for "Bindable" Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1767 UNRESOLVED Better syncronization between projects names and launch configurations. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1986 UNRESOLVED Bitmap font option Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1748 UNRESOLVED Block comment shortcut Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1641 UNRESOLVED Build file to be automatically added to the ANT view Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2076 UNRESOLVED CPU usage for FDT seems overly high when running the Profiler Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2140 UNRESOLVED CamelCase autocompletion order Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2544 UNRESOLVED Change Related class name Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1084 UNRESOLVED Change the selected text to uppercase Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2790 UNRESOLVED Class should implement functions from interfaces. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2534 UNRESOLVED Code Hint Support In ASDoc Comments Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-909 UNRESOLVED Code completion/error checking should take into account the "Exclude" metadata Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2775 UNRESOLVED Context aware auto-complete for "<" or ">" Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1870 UNRESOLVED Create custom code hinting for properties with static values Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1844 UNRESOLVED Cursor placement when using Quick Assist Open/Close MXML tags Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2036 UNRESOLVED Custom (user defined) Code Folding Regions Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-405 UNRESOLVED Custom metadata parsing Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2167 UNRESOLVED Define browser in launch config Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1584 UNRESOLVED Differentiate between public and internal classes in the Flash Explorer by icon colour Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2711 UNRESOLVED Display Which Files Which Are Available To The Class Path, But Are Not Used Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2149 UNRESOLVED Display error when trying to extend native abstract AS3 Class Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2242 UNRESOLVED Duplicating a Class in the Explorer should refactor the Classname according to the new Filename Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1821 UNRESOLVED Export Project as Project Template Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-645 UNRESOLVED Export global Formatter settings Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-529 UNRESOLVED Extract Interface Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1810 UNRESOLVED Extract Interface Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-3031 UNRESOLVED Extract all declarations when using split local variable declaration quick fix Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2592 UNRESOLVED Extract tools should search for other instances to extract Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1640 UNRESOLVED FDT Should warn: Data binding will not be able to detect assignments to ... Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1997 UNRESOLVED FDT's editor visual improvements request Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2992 UNRESOLVED Field Declarations into Columns Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1756 UNRESOLVED Find references for mxml classes Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1205 UNRESOLVED Format on Save Minor Confirmed
   Bug FDT-1923 UNRESOLVED Formatter indents beginning of line comments. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2043 UNRESOLVED Formatting Editor's templates upon insertion Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2130 UNRESOLVED Fulll haxelib support Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1843 UNRESOLVED Generate Ant Build from FDT Project Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1936 UNRESOLVED Getter/setter quickfix should place generated code in appropriate place Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1705 UNRESOLVED Give deprecation warnings Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1374 UNRESOLVED HTML Template generator Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2126 UNRESOLVED HaXe Projects and Integration with FDT Debugger and Profiler Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2599 UNRESOLVED Handle overlapping classes (SWC) Minor Confirmed
   Bug FDT-1909 UNRESOLVED If you create a new project and point to a folder with existing code where src/ exists, src/ should not be overwritten Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-216 UNRESOLVED Implementation of ASDoc logic Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2012 UNRESOLVED Import/Export FDT Formatting pereferences Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2013 UNRESOLVED Import/Export FDT Problems: Errors, Warnings preferences Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2648 UNRESOLVED Improve AS Docs Creation Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1972 UNRESOLVED Improve FDT's SWC Library Process Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2163 UNRESOLVED Improve navigation in TypeDependencies Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1554 UNRESOLVED Javascript Language Support Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1667 UNRESOLVED Live-Parsing missing: messageFunction in MobileIconItemRenderer Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2077 UNRESOLVED LiveObjects view forgets sizes/order of columns Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1955 UNRESOLVED Local variables or private class members that only have assignments but are never read should have warnings. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1242 UNRESOLVED Local variables should be sorted in Debugger Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2402 UNRESOLVED Long lines cause heavy performance issue Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2706 UNRESOLVED Make It Easier To Target A Specific Flash Player Version Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2975 UNRESOLVED Make it possible to invoke getters by hand during debugging Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2792 UNRESOLVED Mark occurrences of variables. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-392 UNRESOLVED Missing Error: Using Constant of another class in constructor parameters of my class Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-3012 UNRESOLVED Missing compare to boolean error Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1340 UNRESOLVED Move Line should be context aware. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1751 UNRESOLVED Multiline Quick Fix Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-105 UNRESOLVED Mylyn integration Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1826 UNRESOLVED Need to be able to filter out backup files in Flash Explorer Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2717 UNRESOLVED Neko Launcher Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1137 UNRESOLVED New AS3 Formatter : Blank lines > Blank lines in compilation unit. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1511 UNRESOLVED New Template View Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1399 UNRESOLVED No error highlighting in MXML for wrong attribute values Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2970 UNRESOLVED Open Declaration (Ctrl + Click or F3) for @see Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2558 UNRESOLVED Option To Auto Copy Assets From Source Folders To Output Folder Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1758 UNRESOLVED Option to Disable Color Code Highlighter (was Color Code Highlighter thinks every uint is a color) Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-749 UNRESOLVED Option to export/import Editor Colors Settings and Semantic Highlight Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1575 UNRESOLVED Organize imports when new import is added Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1109 UNRESOLVED Organize projects in Flash Explorer in folders Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-667 UNRESOLVED Outline should display local functions Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-637 UNRESOLVED Outline view refactoring properties and methods order Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2306 UNRESOLVED Override/Implement Methods like Eclipse Java IDE Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2084 UNRESOLVED Problems not appearing until class is added to your project Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1583 UNRESOLVED Project Template Manager GUI Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1552 UNRESOLVED Project Templats from SVN/Git/etc Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-908 UNRESOLVED Proper handling of the variable "arguments" within functions/methods Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1465 UNRESOLVED Quck Fix add Event Const Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1859 UNRESOLVED Quick Fix multiple files at once Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1105 UNRESOLVED Quick Fix: Create Constant In Event Class Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2492 UNRESOLVED Quick fix for removeEventListener Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1839 UNRESOLVED Quick outline to include members with leading underscores. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1747 UNRESOLVED Quick-fix type suggestion minor bugs. Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-638 UNRESOLVED Quickfix customization for javadoc Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-788 UNRESOLVED Quickfix field creation in method constructor Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2384 UNRESOLVED Quickfix should import Class before creating a variable. Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1887 UNRESOLVED Quickfix: Detect that I want to create an Event class Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1108 UNRESOLVED Refactor Duplicate Class Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2460 UNRESOLVED Refactoring for AS3 in MXML attributes Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-859 UNRESOLVED Refactoring not preserving semantics in case of name clash Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1338 UNRESOLVED Remove unused variables/functions code Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-143 UNRESOLVED Rename implicit getter/setter method name when refactor-rename property name. Minor Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2849 UNRESOLVED Rundoes not start Action Plugins Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-792 UNRESOLVED SWF Introsepcton showing frames - classes & assets compiled per frame, frame size Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2527 UNRESOLVED Save Results During and After Profiling Session [Export Profiling Data] Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1958 UNRESOLVED Self assignment has no effect and should be marked as warning or error. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1520 UNRESOLVED Semantic highlighting for interface Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1865 UNRESOLVED Set launcher settings according to SWF metadata Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2663 UNRESOLVED Setup Wizard: Add Check For Java 32 bit version (only if windows && is needed) Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1223 UNRESOLVED Shortcut to insert CDATA block Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-832 UNRESOLVED Show Cross-references between packages (Reference counting Enhancements) Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2362 UNRESOLVED Show sourcecode in hover Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1880 UNRESOLVED Smart naming convention for an exported archive Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2240 UNRESOLVED Some formatter improvements Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-64 UNRESOLVED Sort methods by accessor Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-941 UNRESOLVED Specifying target with Ant task + launch profiles Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1645 UNRESOLVED Support for variable member generation in Interface-typed objects. Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2208 UNRESOLVED SuppressWarning Annotation Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-981 UNRESOLVED Template ${array} variable does not recognize vectors Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-960 UNRESOLVED Template Organization Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1414 UNRESOLVED Type Header Per Project Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2284 UNRESOLVED Unit Testing : Single Test Runner Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-217 UNRESOLVED Use metadata for compiler args and launch config Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1879 UNRESOLVED Variable shadowing warning. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1954 UNRESOLVED Variable used before anything is assigned to it should show warning. Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1473 UNRESOLVED Warnings per library Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1746 UNRESOLVED Webservice Introspection Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-883 UNRESOLVED When overriding empty method I never need the super call Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2203 UNRESOLVED When using a lot of templates (or snippets) it would be nice to have a Textfield to shorten the list of templates Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1634 UNRESOLVED XML Closing tag Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1555 UNRESOLVED autocomplete by predictable attributes/variables Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1618 UNRESOLVED autocomplete in a method that takes a function as a parameter Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2127 UNRESOLVED configurable code editor Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1440 UNRESOLVED create MXML missing implements field Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1542 UNRESOLVED create eventlistener auto remove Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-454 UNRESOLVED create funtion 'function_name' in class 'super_class_name' Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1451 UNRESOLVED create src view Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-151 UNRESOLVED go to matching bracket Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2125 UNRESOLVED haxe build path + show haxe packages in flash explorer Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1444 UNRESOLVED mxml id always on top Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1633 UNRESOLVED mxml namespace organize Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1825 UNRESOLVED re-use running Flash Player Debugger Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1603 UNRESOLVED refactor setter and getter Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1539 UNRESOLVED save settings in a seperated folder Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1531 UNRESOLVED state code editor visualizer Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2123 UNRESOLVED toggle the current compilation platform Minor Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2923 UNRESOLVED "Could not create file" after exception is thrown in Main constructor Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2642 UNRESOLVED Add Curly-braces on next line Support For FDT Free Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2398 UNRESOLVED Add warning for duplicated method params Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-932 UNRESOLVED Auto-Add Event Metadata Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2676 UNRESOLVED Camel Case Recognition When Extracting Constants Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2381 UNRESOLVED Can not immediatly start typing when creating a new package Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2682 UNRESOLVED Change default library folder from 'libs' to 'lib' Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2325 UNRESOLVED Change launch configuration naming conventions Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2316 UNRESOLVED Class name in metadata tags is not clickable. Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2841 UNRESOLVED Create Constructor Doesn't respect Formatting and Won't Easily Format Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2839 UNRESOLVED Creating and Consuming A SWC In The Same Project Breaks Project Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2875 UNRESOLVED Filter Out Objects Using Under Score Prefixes '_' Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2930 UNRESOLVED Formatter should not indent on inline 'if'. Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2949 UNRESOLVED Integrate Calculator Into QuickFix Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2890 UNRESOLVED Link to Compiler Options from Launch Configurations / Compiler Arguments goes to the wrong web page Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2973 UNRESOLVED Missing Error: Setters Cannot Have Default Value Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2821 UNRESOLVED Notify Customer If The Quicktrace Template Is Missing Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2601 UNRESOLVED Order of buttons for attaching sources to an SDK SWC should be optimized Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2645 UNRESOLVED Recognize TODO in MXML comments Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-1739 UNRESOLVED Remove parenthesis from autocomplete If a function is a param. Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2827 UNRESOLVED Retina Support Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2556 UNRESOLVED Select a package search improvement Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2842 UNRESOLVED Selecting Apparat In Preferences Throws Errors Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2888 UNRESOLVED Using 'Static' is taken as an error. It's accepted by compiler Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2834 UNRESOLVED java.lang.NullPointerException at com.powerflasher.fdt.internal.core.parser.ASTConditionalExpression.getType( Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-122 UNRESOLVED missing whitespace option for for-loop definition + strange default whitespace in for-loops Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1377 UNRESOLVED 'Clean workspace' tool Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2673 UNRESOLVED Add Option For Templates To Auto Add Imports Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2554 UNRESOLVED Add Option To Change generate getter\setter position Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2756 UNRESOLVED Add Option To Set 'Tools' Preferences (e.g. Flash Professional & Flash Player) Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2793 UNRESOLVED Add default Templates for Haxe Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1106 UNRESOLVED Add shortcuts to "Source Folder" -> "Add to Classpath" | "Remove from Classpath" Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2270 UNRESOLVED Add toolbar button/menu option to toggle mark occurences Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2434 UNRESOLVED Additional options for AS3 formatter Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1481 UNRESOLVED Allow Sorting Of Templates Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2733 UNRESOLVED Apparat: folder recompiling Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2637 UNRESOLVED Automatically Add Semicolon Upon Code Generation Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2283 UNRESOLVED Change between Multiple Debug/run Configurations more easily. Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-415 UNRESOLVED Codecompletion should create a Dictionary instead of a Array Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1946 UNRESOLVED Comment Templates Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2569 UNRESOLVED Degugger improvement when internall error occurs Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2243 UNRESOLVED Editing and Creating Keyboard Shortcuts Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2156 UNRESOLVED FDT Ant Wait for SWC to be ready Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1002 UNRESOLVED Firefox Plugin implementation that changes about:config value for proper debugging. Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1780 UNRESOLVED For your consideration: Remove confirmation dialog at "reset MXMLC compilers and force full builds" Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-161 UNRESOLVED Getter/setter quick fix doesn't go to the created accessors Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-798 UNRESOLVED Hexadecimal color input when specifying colors in FDT. Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-202 UNRESOLVED Hightlightning of matching <> type-modifier pair. Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-779 UNRESOLVED Improve "missing semicolon" warning behaviour in mxml Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-115 UNRESOLVED Indent Code correctly when moving it with Alt KeyUp/KeyDown Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1394 UNRESOLVED Indented subsequent variable references Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2543 UNRESOLVED Insert variable windows is to small Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1429 UNRESOLVED Launcher Chain - Add window should have a "filter" input field. Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2432 UNRESOLVED Launcher Configurations should not be based on the Projectname Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2292 UNRESOLVED Missing formatter options for white space after "//" Trivial Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2889 UNRESOLVED Parser does not recognize directly invoked anonymous functions in static initializers Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2727 UNRESOLVED Paste and Refactor Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2671 UNRESOLVED Provide Option To Disable ASDoc Notation In (Editor Only) Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1883 UNRESOLVED Quickfix: Remove braces when a value ( e.g. an accessor ) does not accept a value Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2649 UNRESOLVED SWFBridge - add plugin name to code proposal description Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-123 UNRESOLVED Set cursor to the right position when creating a new Class or Interface Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2602 UNRESOLVED Showing implemented interfaces of superclasses Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1053 UNRESOLVED Specify 'event' param name in auto created listener methods Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2204 UNRESOLVED There should be a way to either show all the AS3 or the MXML templates. Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-303 UNRESOLVED Toggle visibility of all comments Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1097 UNRESOLVED Unresolvable variable reference in E4X and dynamic object should default to disabled. Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2221 UNRESOLVED When creating a new project with HTML wrapper targeting player 9 could the wrapper require player 9 and not player 10? Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2772 UNRESOLVED When opening parentheses do not open auto-complete immediately Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-1725 UNRESOLVED auto doc creation by /** (Like PHPStorm) Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1532 UNRESOLVED better formatting <fx:Metadata> Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2135 UNRESOLVED change position of 'libs' Trivial Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-948 UNRESOLVED fdt.flashCompile compiles multiple SWFs and keeps main one open for testing like CS3 project panel Trivial Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2931 FIXED -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=false is unusable Blocker Closed
   Bug FDT-2197 NONE Incorrect Quick Fix Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-155 WON'T FIX include directive and interface implementation Critical Closed
   Improvement FDT-1153 DUPLICATE Refactoring of Launch Configurations Critical Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-809 WON'T FIX CSS Support for Flex Projects Critical Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2234 NONE <fdt.loadProjectProperties> throws an error Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2945 NONE Can't debug AIR app when packaged assets are targeted to different paths Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2762 NONE Incorrect Autocomplete When Working With SWC Assets Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1095 NONE Searching Preferences for Folding didn't bring up FDT > Editor > Folding. When disabling folding, I got a NullPointerException. Major Closed
   Bug FDT-3113 NONE Some Fonts are missing In FDT Font Library Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2684 NONE The parser identifies a static variable as a non-existent Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-834 FIXED 3 panels "Core libraries" in preferences was nice in FDT 3.5 Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-978 FIXED Autocompletion Type Improvement Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1206 FIXED Enable .* filter by default in Flash Explorer Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-887 FIXED Flash Explorer Double click Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-127 FIXED Improve FDT's AutoCompletion (Intelligent AutoCompletion) Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-663 FIXED Package rafactoring Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2623 FIXED When plugin is launched terminate icon is active and it does nothing Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1175 FIXED refactoring tools Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1066 WON'T FIX Adding of breakpoints when warning is shown, context menu and visual differentiation is missing Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-2015 WON'T FIX FDT 64 Bit on windows requires 64 flash plugin Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1039 WON'T FIX FDT scans for and reports errors in all files in project, even if they are not used Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-731 WON'T FIX Feature Request: Select enclosing element Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-643 WON'T FIX Preferences: move Code Style to Editor options Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1262 WON'T FIX Setup Wizard Improvement: Give users a choice between Subversive and Subclipse, or easy uninstall Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-1043 CANNOT REPRODUCE FDT goes into 'endless-build-mode' when using GC Java vmargs Major Closed
   Improvement FDT-436 CANNOT REPRODUCE The menu and toolbar buttons to create a new MXML document do not appear if you update fdt. Major Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2644 NONE Code hint is displayed even if there is one option to select and it's value already exists in editor code Major Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-1525 NONE Please add AsDoc formatting options (wrapping, newlines, etc.) Major Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2511 WON'T FIX Ignore parsing files Major Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2353 NONE "this" in static method should ALWAYS be displayed as error Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2518 NONE Broken Quick Fix: Cannot automatically import class in "external function" Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2369 NONE Can't resolve 'includein' special attribute on TextFlow MXML elements Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-221 NONE Create getter/setter improvement Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-954 NONE E4X - properties are treated like methods Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-207 NONE Enable Eclipse spell checking in FDT Editor Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2957 NONE Error not found in a dynamic class Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-47 NONE FDT does not evaluate all code paths for return values Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-1959 NONE Missing Error: 'Implicit coercion of a value of type Array to an unrelated type __AS3__.vec:Vector.<int>' Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2972 NONE Namespace : move refactor is incomplete Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-987 NONE Parser: getDefinitionByName with double brackets Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2848 NONE SWC parsing faillure + keep-as3-metadata Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1089 FIXED "Open with Explorer" and "Reveal in Finder" in Flash Explorer Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-695 FIXED Missing parser recovery in AS3 in empty array access results in missing autocompletion Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-180 FIXED Quick-OpenType is not quick, but painfully slow with lots of classes Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-963 FIXED Show problem marker at editor tab like JDT Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1031 FIXED Storable Macros Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-5 WON'T FIX Add quick assist to change visibility keyword Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-239 WON'T FIX Automatically remove ".DS_Store" files on "Project Clean" Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-704 WON'T FIX Context menu does not show Run as As2 app in an AS2 project Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2171 WON'T FIX Embedder plugin (originally by John Lindquist for IntelliJ IDEA) Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-875 WON'T FIX FDT AS3 LIbrary disappear from launch configurations Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1243 WON'T FIX UML Overview Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2188 WON'T FIX ctrl + / doesn't comment selected area Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-1931 DUPLICATE Subversion installation flow Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-442 INCOMPLETE By unresolved mxml tag only the Tag name should be marked as error (without attributes) Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2222 INCOMPLETE Output a shared file for application release Minor Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-2361 INCOMPLETE Select word at caret Minor Closed
   Improvement FDT-2193 INCOMPLETE add Create fucntion assistance Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2786 NONE Auto importing imports wrong file. Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2066 NONE Go to Matching Bracket Minor Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2039 NONE Missing warning: with + const problem Minor Confirmed
   Featurerequest FDT-2190 NONE Outline view not working for haXe files Minor Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2753 NONE BlackBerry AIR Properties complain about dimensions even if proper dimensions Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2026 NONE Could not resolve variable warning is shown when calling toString method on object Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2964 NONE Incorrect Quick Assist Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2421 NONE Incorrect Quick Fix suggestion - Mutating a static member Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2813 NONE Incorrect Split Local Variable Proposal Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2327 NONE Incorrect text inserted after autocompletion Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-959 NONE Template Import Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-1003 FIXED Create setter improvement Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-381 FIXED Creation of event listener not offered Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-456 FIXED Match Class Icons in Explorer with Icons in Editor Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-1001 FIXED Wizards To Create "new constant" and / or "new function" Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2704 WON'T FIX Add code hint for optional parameters Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-896 WON'T FIX Error Checking for Duplicate Properites in Object Literals Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-408 WON'T FIX Hint if a choosen ant-file does not exist Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2683 WON'T FIX Improve TabStop position after extracting variable Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-406 WON'T FIX Suggested Quickfix improvement Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-759 WON'T FIX very easy to crack registration Trivial Closed
   Featurerequest FDT-621 INCOMPLETE Additional warning if I try to register to an event that is never dispatched Trivial Closed
   Improvement FDT-2545 NONE Custom Task tags are ignored by FDT Trivial Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2263 NONE When a regexp ends with "//", further characters in the line are treated like comments. Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2678 WON'T FIX Match setter naming conversions Trivial Confirmed
   Improvement FDT-2337 INCOMPLETE Add error for "1201A super statement cannot occur after a this, super, return, or throw statement" Trivial Confirmed
   Bug FDT-2863 UNRESOLVED Autocompletion problems Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2873 UNRESOLVED Debugging Won't Work With The Apache Flex SDK Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2862 UNRESOLVED Outline View Often Crashes Critical Closed
   Bug FDT-2864 UNRESOLVED Autocomplete Fails b/c The Getter Parent Is Not Recognized (Main is a Sprite) Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2880 UNRESOLVED Autocompletion seems to fail randomly since FDT 5.6 Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2833 UNRESOLVED Busted Quick Fixes, Refactorings and Formatter Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1034 UNRESOLVED Incorrect error shown when optional white space around '=' not present Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2877 UNRESOLVED Integrating Apache Flex 4.8.0 fails Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2867 UNRESOLVED Invoking Organize Import Via Flash Explorer Crashes FDT Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2879 UNRESOLVED Multiple errors: Update Outline Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2872 UNRESOLVED Restting Perspectives Crashes FDT Plugins Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2868 UNRESOLVED Scanning tasks and TODOs makes building workspace very slow Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1070 UNRESOLVED Vector literal declaration is mistaken for XML declaration Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1941 UNRESOLVED Vertical Ruler Update Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2858 UNRESOLVED FDT's Parser Incorrectly Flags Semicolons At End Of Class As Errors Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2874 UNRESOLVED Flat Structure On SWCs Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2859 UNRESOLVED Formatter Bug After Using 'Implement Interface Methods..' Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-2855 UNRESOLVED "Successful" Mispelling Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2847 UNRESOLVED Autocomplete Fails After Bitwise Operator Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2871 UNRESOLVED Comments For Top Level Variables & Functions Are Not Properly Displayed Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2840 UNRESOLVED Extract Constant Broken: When Semicolon Is Grabbed FDT Takes it Along For Ride Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2878 UNRESOLVED Token Precedence Trivial Closed
   Bug FDT-2490 NONE "Vertical Ruler Update" Exception Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2646 NONE SDK should not import files created by Mac OS that start with "._" Major Closed
   Bug FDT-1846 NONE super, Wrong number of arguments. Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2408 FIXED Autocompletion proposals include internal classes. Major Closed
   Bug FDT-2679 NONE Certain syntax breaks the parser Minor Closed
   Bug FDT-733 NONE Inline XML is not correctly parsed if tags contain dots Minor Closed
FDT 5.6 Maintenance Release
   Bug FDT-2844 UNRESOLVED FDT & GestureWorks: 3rd party swcs are not parsed Blocker Closed


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